Grundtvig Learning Partnership GR2010-2C

Grundtvig Learning Partnership GR2010-2C

Leargas Lifelong Learning

Knowledge Sharing for Ameliorating Community Radio Educational Programming (2010-2012)

This is a project funded nationally by Léargas as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission Education and Culture DG.  The project was coordinated by nearfm and the partners were Radio Vallekas (Madrid, Spain), Radio Kultura (Basque Country), SNRL (France) and Sheffield Live (Sheffield, Britain).

The Key objectives of this project were to build a sustainable network among European Community Radios which will facilitate the exchange of educational knowledge. This project focused on:

  1. Evaluation of the situation as it was
  2. Best Practice Exchange
  3. Models for programme educational content improvement in:
    1. Civil rights in European Countries
    2. Minority languages and migrant integration
    3. Rural stations role in the building of identity for better quality of live
    4. Best practice in environmental education
    5. Improving school curriculum to support participative learning processes.


Grundtvig Learning Partnership  GR2011-64P

Tecnicas radiofonicas de doblaje, nuevas tecnologias y digitalizacion al servicio del multilinguismo en Europa

This is a project funded nationally by Léargas as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission Education and Culture DG.  This project is coordinated by Antxeta Irratia (Basque Country, France) and the partners are Association Errobi promotions (Basque Country,France), Pausu Media (Basque Country, Spain), Antxeta Irratia (France), Raidio Failte (Belfast), Radio Frö (Austria) and nearfm.

We are working on three specific areas:

  •  Exchange of good practice in specific areas of multilingual radio (dubbing techniques, information processing, optimization of work, etc.)
  • Digitisation of radio spectrum as an advantage and the use of new technologies as an enriching and unifying element;
  • Possibilities for European funding for multilingual radio: create an active network of work and projects at European level.


Two major topics are being addressed:

  • Community radios operating in regional or immigration languages have specific problems, the main one being the fact that working in an context where the reduced use of  minority languages  imposes the use of translation and dubbing techniques to disseminate the content of the interviews represent a significant workload for organisations with limited resources.
  • In addition, digitisation and entry of new technologies has been perceived by community radios as a threat, when it has the potential to become an asset as it offers the possibility of more frequencies, new techniques for automatic translation, more accessible audio dubbing techniques, access to new listeners by using new ICT (iPhone, Android, TV, etc).


The project has also four objectives

  1. exchange of best practice in the field of multilingualism;
  2. enhance the role of minority languages in media in the construction of individual and collective awareness of European citizenship, as well as an expression of active citizenship in a democratic setting.
  3.  knowledge of very different experiences.
  4. The reality of the languages in which each organisation works


The project is developing according to two types of meetings:

  • European Meetings involving all partners. Three has taken place so far in France, Austria and Dublin.
  • Regional/Bilateral meetings: Finally and given the difficulties outlined in section 3.2) these meetings are being developed in two regions. Ireland (Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland) and Basque Country (France and Spain).