Hundreds Facing Eviction in Tyrellstown

Cllr PAUL DONNELLY from Sinn Féin talks to Noel McGuinness about the facing of the eviction in Tyrellstown. More than 100 families in Cruise Park Drive face losing their homes as the fund that owns the properties seeks to sell 103 houses in the area over four years. It is understood 40 households in the estate have…

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Victims Of Abuse On Camping Trips In The 70’s and 80’s

Noel speaks to COLM BRACKEN and PAUL O’TOOLE who were victims of abuse on camping trips in the 70’s and 80’s. They talk about how proud they feel now after finally getting justice from their experiences, their thoughts about how all these other cases are brought to attention, especially involving the church, their outrage over how…

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Samaritans’ 24/7 Talk To Us Campaign

Samaritans member, BRENDAN GALLAGHER talks to John Healy about the history and services of the Samaritans organisation. Brendan talks about the purpose of their new 24/7 Talk To Us campaign, how Samaritans try to support people with full confidentiality, the importance of the 24 hour aspect of the campaign, how dark weather can have an…

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