Easter Rising Emergency Services Logbook on Public Display


Dublin City Archivist Dr MARY CLARKE, based at the Archive Library on Pearse Street, tells Pat Meehan about an exciting new artifact that has been discovered – with great timing – in time to be exhibited at the library’s 2016 Easter Rising commemorative exhibition.

The artifact is the Ambulance & Fire Services Daily Log Book for April 29, 1916. The logbook notes the time and circumstance of every civilian incident that took place whilst the Rising was taking place. Only civilians are logged as the areas surrounding the actual fighting were considered too dangerous for emergency services, and the volunteers had their own emergency medical services in place.

The book had been held by one family since being thrown out in a clean up of the Fire Service premises in 1930. It was put up for auction and purchased by Dublin City Council for €3800. Visitors will be able to see the book on display in Pearse Street in 2016.

Duration: 8'45" DATE: November 27, 2014
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
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Interviewee:Dublin City Archivist Dr MARY CLARKE
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