New Plan For Reducing Cost of School Uniforms


CATHERINE JOYCE of Barnardos joins Noel McGunnes to speak of the huge progress created by the Minister of Education announcing a plan to reduce the cost of school uniforms. Catherine tells how it will be an interesting process for schools to bring a plan into place. They discuss how, while parents wish not to get rid of uniforms, they would much prefer to buy plain tracksuits and attach school crests seperately.

As part of the Barnardos survey, it was found that the costs of providing for a child to go back to school each year ranged from 75euro to 140euro. This figure increased for secondary school and can be in excess of 250euro. They talk of how having more options gives parents a choice so that they can work within their own budget.

Catherine suggests that the hope is that the implementations of the plan will begin in 2014, however she suspects it will take a few years for it to become standard practice in all schools.

Duration: 07'09" DATE: November 15, 2013
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
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