Raheny Tidy Village Group: Working Towards A Brighter Future


CON CLARKE, coordinator of the Raheny Tidy Village Group tells Noel McGuinness how the group came to be. Con says that in 2001 he was asked to take on the role of coordinator of the group.

He tells Noel that they have a five year plan. The goal for the first year is to get the shops on the main street to provide flowers and a watering system in front of their businesses. The Tidy Village Group themselves put flowers on lamp posts and remove rubbish from the area.

Con talks about working with various residents’ associations and liasing with them over a number of issues. There is also a plan to redevelop the main street but this has been put on hold due to a shortage of funds.

Other activities have included rejuvenating St.Assum’s church and positioning a boat filled with flowers on one of the busiest corners in the village.

The group has four core volunteers and two more who help at weekends. Raheny Tidy Village Group have won two awards, one for the National Tidy Village competition and another for the City Neighbourhood awards.

Duration: 09'16" DATE: October 18, 2013
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
Producer:Zandra Ball
Interviewee:Con Clarke
Themes:Local Current Affairs, Community Events
Keywords:Tidy Towns, Raheny, Residents' Associations, Volunteering
LocationRaheny, Dublin Time Period:2013
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