From Village to Suburb: The Building of Clontarf


Author CLAIRE GOGARTY joins Sabrina Ryan to discuss Claire’s recent book “From Village to Suburb: The Building of Clontarf Since 1760”. Sabrina tells Sabrina about the origins of Clontarf and when it was nothing more than a small circle of houses. She also talks about the rebuilding of Clontarf Castle.

Claire talks about the events that inspired her to write a history of Clontarf and how it took two and a half years to complete. She says she had always envisioned writing a book and, once she started, remained determined to see the project through to the end.

The Vernon family, who owned most of the land around Clontarf, are discussed. We hear that the Vernons did not allow industry in the area, and how that decision affected the way the suburb looks now.

Claire outlines her work and the book’s research process, particularly with regard to the Vernons, and talks of how her background in studying history kept her stuck to the facts when writing.

Duration: 16'48" DATE: October 7, 2013
Interviewer:Sabrina Ryan
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Interviewee:Claire Gogarty
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