Learning about YAM.ie


VICTORIA DURRER joins Paula Wiseman to discuss the website Yam.ie which stands for Your Arts Map. Victoria tells how the website aims to spread the word about arts and cultural events being organised in the city. The Site also links up with a transportation website called hittheroad.ie which maps how to get from your current location to the event using public transport.

Victoria tells how the website aims to profile events which cater for ages 13 and above. She describes some of the relationships which they have established with some of the cultural hubs such as film base and the Irish Film institute in order to feed data into the website and make it a successful network of information.

They move on to detail how someone can add an event to the website and talk of how it can be integrated into other personal websites using widget technology.


Duration: 10'09" DATE: October 11, 2012
Interviewer:Paula Wiseman
Producer:Paula Wiseman
Interviewee:Victoria Durrer
Themes:Local Current Affairs, Local Arts & Culture
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