The work of Crosscare in Irish society


CONOR HICKEY, of Crosscare joins Ronnie O’Brien to discuss their Annual appeal for donations from the congregation. Conor tells that Crosscare provides social service provisions across Ireland offering Childrens projects, after care projects for children who have been in care and also a teen counselling service. They also offer over 350 beds for homeless people in Dublin and three food centres which provide “Penny dinners” providing 220,000 meals per year. They also provide a range of advice services for people.

Conor speaks of up to a 40% increase in people using their services since the onset of Recession and tells how the issues affecting people have become more complicated and difficult to support. Conor tells of how they promote the organisation and shares that they put an emphasis on making the most efficient service possible that they can with the money that they raise.




Duration: 09'37" DATE: September 26, 2012
Interviewer:Ronnie O'Brien
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Interviewee:Conor Hickey
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