What work is done by the North Dublin Chamber of Commerce?


MARK KELLET of the North Dublin Chamber of Commerce joins John Healy to discuss an upcoming Trade Expo taking place. Mark begins by telling how the chamber is set up to support businesses in the North Dublin catchment area. Mark tells of how they have helped both established companies as well as start ups as well as trying to support local charities.

Mark tells of some of the training opportunities they delivered, with the intention being to help start ups in the area and moves on to discuss some of the start up businesses which have been attending their services.

They move on to discuss the ‘Business to Business’ event which is being run at the Regency hotel and tells of how someone could approach them for help with securing finance and grants to enable them to start their business. Mark tells of the opportunities available at the upcoming trade exhibition and briefly talks about his own business.


Duration: 07'58" DATE: November 14, 2012
Interviewer:John Healy
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Interviewee:Mark Kellet
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