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  • Radio and TV as Learning Resources Conference

    Radio and TV as Learning Resources Conference

    How can radio and television producers make educational programming? How can educators make use of radio and television programming as learning resources? How can we dovetail these two approaches? This conference takes place in Dublin on Saturday 7th November 2015 will seek to answer these questions. Come along, learn about what is happening in this field, have your say and help create opportunities and collaborations. The focus of the conference will be on an exchange of views and experiences between media and […]

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  • Computer Training Courses

    Computer Training Courses

    NEAR FM Computer Training Course We cover emails, internet, Word, Skype, Social Media, Dropbox, Powerpoint and Picasa Where: Coolock Development Centre The classes run for 10 weeks, 1 three hour morning a week. Contact: Cost:30e unwaged ,50e waged Tea/Coffee,computer confidence,chat & banter

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  • Near TV Volunteer Training

    Near TV Volunteer Training

    Neartv Volunteer Training Are you interested in becoming a volunteer with Neartv? All you need to do is complete a short training course (6 days) no experience in TV is necessary. Once you have completed the training you can become a volunteer with Neartv. Dates for the next volunteer training : Tuesday 25th Feb (7pm – 9pm) Tuesday 4th March (7pm – 9pm) Tuesday 11th March (7pm – 9pm) Tuesday 18th March (7pm – 9pm) Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd […]

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  • Near FM Volunteer Training

    Near FM Volunteer Training

    Have you ever listened to the radio and thought: ‘Why do they never play……’ or ‘why does no one talk about….?’  become a community activist yourself on Near fm. There are are diffferent ways you can get involved. You can host your own programme. If you’d like to host your own weekly/forthnightly/monthly radio show you’ll need to do our short course ‘Introduction to Community Media’, which we offer twice a year. Email for more information. Interviews and Features We are always looking […]

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